Custom made Seat Covers and accessories for heavy/light vehicles, motorcycles, marines and aircrafts

Assorted Seat Covers

Seat Covers

Suitable Seat Covers that can also be custom made to fit

•Leather Look/Vinyl 

-Very strong

-Waterproof and easy to clean

-Looks and feels like leather.

-Available in black, grey and limited combinations of “2 tone colors” (red/black, blue/black, grey/black, blue/red )

-A favourite with Uber, Taxi and Fast Racing Drivers

•Material Covers 

-Many creative designs, characteristic features, novelties and patterns

-Soft comfortable feel

-Standard protection


 Very Strong and Long lasting

-Available in black or grey

-Semi Water proof with great protection from dust and dirt

-Favourite for tradies because of their durability and toughness 

•Neoprene/Wet Suit 

-Waterproof/Wet-suit material

-Available in black or grey with stylish look of stitching

-Added comfort 7mm foam backing.

-Great for those with a sense of adventure 4×4 ethusiast/surfers


Luxurious Look with a soft velvet feel

-Great value protection

-Many different colours, patterns, and designs to choose from

-Limited selection of novelties and animated characters covers also

•Genuine Leather  

-High Quality Custom-made and Handcrafted by a motor trimmer.

-Available in various colors

-Great way to spruce up your vehicle with real leather without the price tag of re-trimming the seats.

-Long lasting